Business Ethics

The Company sets up and strictly follows the regulations relating to Code of Conduct of the Company so that all Directors and the employees will know, adhere, and understand the operation standard as the Company and the shareholders expect, and use it as the guideline in running the business, covering the following contents :

  1. To adhere to the rule of laws as well as to know the Company's regulations and the related laws and any laws that shall be announced in the future that may affect to the management and operation of the company, for the Executives and the employees.
  2. To have the transparency and decision that can be disclosed the information to the stakeholders and be investigated, under the laws and regulations, and the operation guidelines of the Company related to the prevention of the trade information leakage to the competitors.
  3. To adhere to the fairness and morale to the stakeholders to create the continuous good relationship in operating the business with any discrimination to any individual by using own judgment or relationship, providing the equal opportunity regardless of Rationality, Nationality, Religion, or Gender.
  4. To pay attention and take care of the customers by controlling the product and service quality to satisfy the customers.
  5. To be responsible for the society and community, under the mission to create the project and activity that will be beneficial to the society and community development.
  6. To avoid any political involvement by positioning itself central, with the respect and support to the stakeholders with the rights under the Constitution.

The Directors and the employees of the Company clearly understand Code of Conduct and shall behave and perform as the professional, with business ethics, by considering the maximum benefit to the Company and shareholders accordingly.