Business Overview

"DNA 2002 Public Company Limited" has been found in 2003, under the name of "Media Network Retail Company Limited", which is later changed to "DNA 2002 Company Limited" in 2010, to distribute Home Entertainment products which are Movies and Music with the copyright, in forms of Blu-Ray, DVDs, VCDs, and CDs, as well as Printing products such as Newspaper, Monthly, Biweekly, and Weekly Magazines, and Pocket books. Movies and Music are the major products of Group of the companies, contributing 85% of the total revenue. Target Group are those who are engrossed in seeing the movie or listening to the music at home rather than going to the theatres, or those who like to purchase the products to make their own collection which are the working class, since this group has the purchasing power and tends to purchase the products with the copyright in order to have the better quality. Their lifestyle is kind of enjoying the original products via viewing or listening rather than downloading from the internet.

As the major products are Home entertainment products, the core strategy of Group of the companies, therefore, is to expand the distribution channels to cover all segments of the increasing customers. By the end of the year 2012, the companies have more than 1,470 outlets, covering Retail outlets owned by the companies though the rent in major areas of Modern Trade, as well as the consignment outlets in Lotus Express, Big C Mini, and Big C Extra, for instance.

In general, there are only about 4-5 major enterprises in Home Entertainment business such as GMM Grammy Public Company Limited operating under the name of "IMAGINE", Pongsaap Public Company Limited under "MANGPONG", Boomerang Company Limited under "BOOMERANG", CP All Public Company Limited under "7-11", and B2S Company Limited under "B2S". The number of the outlets of Group of the companies is ranked as number 2 from "7-11".

For Advertising Media and Entertainment, Group of the companies is engaged in advertising timing slots during breaking news broadcasted of Radio Thailand under the Government Public Relations Department. Furthermore, Group of the companies also has the share in "Small Room", producing Musical Entertainment products in forms of Advertising, Movie, and Drama musical background, as well as the musical albums, focusing on "Independent (INDY)".